We all can’t be that person in the magazine, but when you care about how you look, and are confident in who you are, that’s real beauty.
— ellis von hampton

Ellis Von Hampton

Ellis uses his years as a Hollywood make-up artist to elevate your look and make you feel like a star. It’s an experience that will transform the way you think about yourself.

Whether it’s a wedding, special event, or just something you want to do for yourself, Ellis will not only create a special look for you, but give you skin care and make-up advice that will help you feel special every day.

“Make-up isn’t about hiding imperfections, it’s about enhancing what you were born with and being the best you can be,” Ellis said. “We all can’t be that person in the magazine, but when you care about how you look, and are confident in who you are, that’s real beauty.”

My Story

I grew up in a small town in Ohio, 45 minutes from Cincinnati at the end of a country road. I remember building tiny pretend movie sets with Fisher Price people and using my grandmother’s Avon make-up samples to make sure they looked camera ready.

At 24, I started selling fragrances at a department store. I found myself answering more and more questions from customers who wanted advice on what colors looked best on them, and what make-up they should use. I have a passion for helping people and love to see the confidence they have when they look and feel their best. The manager noticed and gave me the opportunity to study make-up artistry with Estee Lauder. I later got my degree from Make-Up Designory in Burbank.

I moved to Los Angeles and got my big break as a contestant for a game show called The Big Date hosted by Mark Walberg. After the show, I went back stage with the makeup case my grandmother gave me, and asked to talk to the person in charge about getting a job. I only had eight products in my kit, but I had such a passion for what I wanted to do. They called me back in two days and put me on a job.

That start launched more opportunities for me including infomercials, press junkets, commercials, music videos, television, movies and celebrity events including award shows like the Oscars, Golden Globes, BET and SAG. I am best known for my work as a make-up artist on All My Children, where I was part of the make-up team nominated for an Emmy.

The list of stars I’ve worked with include Denzel Washington, Clint Eastwood, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Whoopi Goldberg, Keanu Reeves, Ed Asner, Helen Mirren, Diane Carol, John Forsythe, Orlando Bloom, Owen Wilson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mick Fleetwood, Seal, Smokey Robinson, John Goodman, Mickey Rooney, Richard Dreyfus, Catherine Zeta Jones, L.L. Cool J and Terrell Davis.

Now my passion is to bring that Hollywood glamour to everyone. Every woman should leave her house feeling like “Wow, I look good.”  It’s not about peer pressure or what people demand of you as a woman. It’s about feeling good.

My partner and I, Kurt, live in Moraga, California with our dogs and horses.

-Ellis Von Hampton